About us


"The Sun Set", Ravda, is a private pet and family friendly complex offering a home from home holiday experience, an environment that is conducive to almost immediate rest and relaxation. From the comfortable fully furnished individual apartments to the large infinity pool with communal bar and barbeque.


Basic fitness room with cross trainer and rower (if you really must), table tennis and communal tv room for rainy days and important sports events, although usually we just continue barbequing and swimming, no need to go anywhere else, however, if you want to explore, we have bikes to rent. When it comes to exploring with your pet(s), you should know that unfortunately the serviced (lifeguards + maintenance + businesses) beaches in Ravda generally do not allow dogs :( However, that's during business hours when the beach is too hot for most dogs, still, we would happily point you to a wild beach and some secluded coves not too far from the Building where everyone including your dog shall have an equal opportunity to run around and swim in the sea. Just remember, watch out for paws as these places are serviced only by the waves.


Prices: 1 bedroom apartment 75 lev per night / 2 bedroom apartment 90 lev per night (min,3 nights). No additional fee for pets or parking.





8238 Ravda, Chatel Tepe, on the border with Aheloy
(+359) 882 429 360